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Marketing Manager


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Who is Joe Lesina
Award winning entrepreneur and marketer with over 8 years global experience in marketing, startups, advertising and consumer tech. World traveller, musician, loves surfing, great cook.




World Class World Wide Recognition

I’m proud and honoured to have my work published, covered and awarded on some of the leading media publishers and brands across the globe.

Entrepreneurship as a lifestyle

Never in my comfort zone, I always pursued the idea of creating something new, founding and running companies from a young age. See below some of the companies I founded:

theQ Camera

TheQ Camera was hailed as the world´s first social camera, designed for sharing and to match a contemporary lifestyle. Headquartered in Stockholm and Hong Kong, the company leveraged cloud technology to seamlessly connect consumer products to an online platform and mobile app. The emphasis on a strong brand and the revolutionary business idea took theQ camera to global interest from businesses, media and consumers.




Evergreen Design House

From the altitudes of the Italian Alps the local but ever innovating design agency made a name for itself owing to a unique approach. With a portfolio of works created for global giants like Vans, Nikon and Nike the studio delivers branding, video, product design and typography embracing attention to detail as its core mantra. A philosophy based on a fresh and innovative way of thinking with the power of ideas above all.



The Spark Side

The first fully remote marketing and business consulting company in the world with a remarkable manifesto – they don’t have employees. Instead, they avail of a global network of professionals that they select and assemble specifically for each project. The firm focusses on building brands, crafting experiences and driving campaigns, mastering the latest digital technologies. The best way to predict the future is to create it.



Joe was an adman during the dark ages of the european financial crisis in Armando Testa, the biggest agency in Italy.

He co-founded his own international hardware startup in China with theQ camera, pioneered innovations such as 3D printing with Love&Robots and the internet of things with Friday.  

He founded a fully remote marketing agency with The Sparkside and works as marketing manager in Accenture, the biggest consulting company in the world.  


By The


Worked in 6 countries
Founded 3 companies
9 years work experience
2 films in Hollywood
3.6M $ Raised in total*
563,365 Km flown
35 Countries visited  


*Combination of different companies

I’m currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark but I have a global network. I live by one rule — There is no certainty, only adventure.

So, what exactly do you do? Glad you asked:

The wide variety of positions and professional experiences contributed to a deep mix of skills that I can now apply to identify creative solutions with sharp business acumen to solve complex problems.

         Marketing Strategy
         Business Planning
         Content & Storytelling


         People Management
         Social Media
         Design Thinking
         Project Management



— The official blog of Joe Lesina

A journey through my opinions, learnings and big ideas within the professional landscape. I’m particularly interested in disrupting industries and innovating behaviours through technologies, using market sizing tools to unravel questions and investigate data to debunk popular myths. Or simply, to share personal thoughts and engage in conversation with like minded readers. Whatever the case I’m committed to contribute and improve work and life by sharing my knowledge and possibly use marketing, advertising, business and design best practices to help others. Subscribe to the blog to get the latest updates and talk to me on Twitter.  

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— The Visual Adventure
Self-taught photographer, colour theory enthusiast, Joe Lesina picks up the camera to document the concept of adventure

From fashion portraits to photojournalism I like to explore all the different ingredients to this visual form of communication. However, my works seek to live by the ethos of documenting unusual experiences and visualising adventures. In a spontaneous yet calculated fashion I find excitement in telling stories of my travels and of my experiences with people, places and situations through the lens of my cameras. I’m a content creator forever interested in the beauty of things.

It’s been a pleasure having you visit my online editorial. Please take my business card and I hope to see you again soon – Joe Lesina

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